Preparation, selection and execution of stone materials

 Preparation, selection and execution of stone materials One of the reasons that has led to the idea of ​​innovation in any field is the advancement of science. Industrial and urban life at this time has had a significant impact on this event, which has led to the use of new technologies. According to what was said, it was concluded that various materials and materials are used in the construction industry according to the needs of the day. Iran is one of the pioneers of the construction stone industry due to the existence of many stone quarries that are widely located in the country. Travertine mines / Marble mines / Marble mines / Granite mines are among the building stones produced in the country, which are very famous in the world. On the other side is man's interest in nature, which has increased the use of natural resources such as building stone. As you can see, in buildings, the use of flowers and plants / wooden objects and stone structures, etc. که shows that human attent

Stone cutting machine engine

 Stone cutting machine engine One of the most important and main components of the stone cutting machine is the motor of the stone cutting machine, which is considered as the heart of the machine. In stone cutting machine, depending on the type of design, structure and efficiency intended for them, the type of motor used is different (1.5 to 4 kW). Engine power will be directly related to the efficiency of the device and its output, which means that the more powerful the engine used in the device, the higher the power of the device resulting in a higher output volume. In all portable stone cutting machines, as their name suggests, they are designed in such a way that the operator can carry the weight of the machine and move them. As a result, 1.5 kW motors have been used in portable stone cutting machines and 4 kW motors have been used in workshop stone cutting machines. Because the workshop machines are fixed and designed for heavy use, along with powerful motors. It is noteworthy tha

Types of stone cutting machines

 Types of stone cutting machines Stone cutting machines are divided into two main groups: portable (mobile) and workshop. Portable stone cutting machine (mobile) Types of portable stone cutting machines In most cases, cutters need to perform cutting operations on site to increase speed and reduce time. Portable stone cutting machines are the best option for this due to their relatively low weight and the necessary equipment for moving, portable stone cutting machines in models. Different types are produced and have the ability to cut all types of stones from 65 to 265 cm in length, most stone cutting machines have the ability to cut at an angle of 0 to 60 degrees (Persian). Stone cutting machines are produced in both manual and semi-automatic models; In manual models, the head movement of the device is done by the operator and in semi-automatic models by semi-automatic gearbox   Workshop stone cutting machines Types of workshop stone cutting machines As the name of the machine indicate